Lokus Bluetooth GNSS Receiver
Sub-meter Accuracy in Real-time with Bluetooth GPS

The client an OFC cable networks company was looking at a cost effective and less time consuming solution for collecting accurate geo-coordinates.

The client needs one SBAS enabled precision GNSS receivers for every 50 Km, which was not commercially viable while using either DGPS or costly imported receivers. The client is required to use a Mobile based Data collection Application with easy data collection form customization.


a. Black Box LOKUS (Model Sxtreo T55) Satellite Base Augmentation System (SBAS) GNSS receiver to get position correctional data with submeter accuracy (i.e. 60 to 80 cm). This was 10 times lesser in cost of leading brand of Bluetooth GNSS receiver.

b. Proprietary Mobile Application for collection of deployed Network Asset with Geospatial information for Digitized As Build drawing. Same is open for data collection form customization as well as no restriction on user license with feature of user management.

c. The entire process time of each observation was reduced to 15 minutes from 1 hr and it resulted in 4x speed of field observation.


T55 SBAS Integrated with proprietary mobile application via Bluetooth connectivity. Create a form to collect information of underground OSP, Network Elements and related attributes to create Digital As Build.


1. Lokus GNSS receivers using Indian SBAS corrections achieved the desired accuracy in 5-10 mins

2. The equipment was 10x lesser in cost to DGPS or other imported solutions

3. The observation time was reduced to 10 mins from 1 hour and achieved a 10x boosting of productivity


1. SBAS: T55 Positioning Systems - Black Box

2. Mobile Application: Proprietary Software


1. Points data collected for 6.5 km pre constructed route without LOKUS GNSS receiver integration with mobile application.

2. Geocoordinate Accuracy noted without SBAS was 3-4 meter.

3. LOKUS integrated with mobile application and again same points data collected for 6.5 KM route.

4. Record the improved coordinate accuracy of 60 to 80 cm by field team.

Lokus Bluetooth GNSS Receiver


Parameters LOKUS GNSS Receiver from Black Box
Unit Composition Requires Rover only
Accuracy +60 to 80 cm
Weight Full system weighs less than 1/2 Kg
System Composition Open system compatible with any device (All OS), Bluetooth connectivity is used to communicate with any available mobile survey app.
Data Extraction CSV, Shape, KML
Base Establishment No establishment time as there is no Base required
Manpower Single semi-skilled person can execute the job
Commercial 10 times lower price than competition evaluated, having identical features, and functionality


Lokus was chosen as the equipment of choice for high precision GNSS data.

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