Lokus Bluetooth GNSS Receiver
Disruptive IoT solution by Indian Engineers changes the face of geospatial survey in India. Every smart phone can now be a High Precision Survey Equipment through Lokus GNSS IoT device developed in Bangalore.

Technology disruptions are key to developing industry efficiency. The geospatial industry is increasing steadily with a high CAGR and Lokus GNSS is an IoT device that challenges the age old geospatial survey instruments landscape. With its disruptive approach to replace the traditional high cost GNSS receivers by a simple smart phone, Lokus GNSS effectively uses the benefits of huge investments in global space programs.


The global space missions have thrown up several new satellite constellations and correction techniques and Lokus GNSS engineering team has successfully leveraged the same to bring in a simple IoT device to replace costly, bulky and slow devices for requirements up to sub meter level accuracy. Significant impact is expected in all infrastructure projects as in road, bridge, railway, airport, land records, forest survey, or a telecom, power, water or gas network survey, thereby increasing the pace and affordability of economic development.

Lokus Device
Lokus GNSS (upgraded version of Sxtreo T55) is developed in the Bangalore R&D center of Blackbox Network Services and is now available through partners,
E-Comm and Government Electronic marketplace in India.

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