Lokus Bluetooth GNSS Receiver
Indian Engineer's and ISRO's Space Technology Mission makes it possible. Lokus GNSS, a small IoT device can now convert all smart phones in to high precision survey equipment.

Infrastructure geospatial surveys are set to change dramatically. Lokus GNSS, a small IoT device, can now convert any smart phone in to a high precision survey instrument wirelessly, and connect with any field survey mobile App.


Designed in India and manufactured in India, the Lokus GNSS is powered by the advances made in the Indian Space Technology mission of ISRO and other Global space missions and will now be available in India and soon globally in 30 countries.


With all costly imported GNSS receivers significantly draining the Indian economy, Lokus GNSS aims to cut down import costs, increase GNSS positioning accuracy to meter and sub-meter levels in real time, and reduce time of Field Survey significantly. All geospatial survey providers now have the option of a high-tech, low-cost, GNSS receivers which will increase their efficiency and bottomline.

Lokus Device
Lokus GNSS (upgraded version of Sxtreo T55) is developed in the Bangalore R&D center of Blackbox Network Services and is now available through partners,
E-Comm and Government Electronic marketplace in India.

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