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Integration of Lokus with Android Phones

In this video I’ll explain, how to integrate Lokus with Any Android Mobile:
– Go to open sky, Switch on Lokus device and wait for 1 minute.
– Go to Android Settings and then Select Bluetooth Settings.
– Select Dual-SPP from available device list and pair. Once device is paired then Dual-SPP will be display in paired device list. Here Daual-SPP is already paired.

Voice-5: Now Lokus device is paired and started sending data to Android Bluetooth serial port.
– Now, I’ll show how to see Lokus Receiver data. Here I have taken Bluetooth GPS app which is freely available in the playstore. This app can read Location data from Bluetooth serial port.
– Select Dual-SPP from paired device list and connect. Once connected then in the Main window Location data will be display.
– In the status window user can check satellite position, signal strength etc.
– In the NMEA view, click on VIEW LOG to see NMEA data which is coming from Lokus Receiver.
– In the MAP view user can see receiver location on the Map.
– This is the complete process to integrate Lokus with any Android Mobile.

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